Ubisoft Reduce AC Quality: Unity PS4 by Xbox One?

It’s common knowledge that Playstation 4 does have a better performance than its competitors – Xbox One. No longer just on paper, this fact is already evident in some multiplatform games that have been released previously. When the Playstation 4 is able to run the game at 1080p 60 fps, Xbox One gamers must struggle with versions that have lower resolution or framerate. This of course happens because of the optimization made by the developer, ensuring the game runs optimally on every release platform. A “rational” decision that Ubisoft seems to have ignored in the latest series of Mobile legends  – Unity.

Which Playstation 4 gamers are not upset with the statement of Ubisoft Montreal producer Vincent Pontbriand to gaming site – Video Gamer. Despite the fact that Playstation 4 has a stronger performance, Pontbriand announces that Assassin’s Creed Unity quality will be generalized on both consoles. It will run at 900p 30fps, both for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Pontbriand argued that this decision was taken to avoid debate and other controversies that have always been following this kind of information and get Mobile legends diamonds generator .

And as predictable, gamers react strongly to attempts to generalize these qualities. As consumers, gamers of course have the right to get the best version on their chosen console. Hashtag # PS4NoParity appears on Twitter containing complaints and shouts to boycott Assassin’s Creed Unity. Some have even planned to cancel their pre-orders as a protest. Assassin’s Creed Unity itself is scheduled to be released on 11 November 2014.

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