New Starfare Rumors Mobile legends & Star Wars: Battlefront Leading

For a game to be released this year too, EA and DICE decisions to keep their mouths shut on their latest project – Star Wars: Battlefront is quite worrying, especially considering the anticipation that is so strong about this game. In addition to a teaser trailer that does not provide much information in the event E3 2014 ago, DICE still has not shared new details. Gamers are still made to wonder about what kind of gameplay mechanics will be offered. Concern that he will be a “Battlefield project with Star Wars skin” also did not stop surfacing. This silent action invited so much rumor and speculation.

The myriad of latest rumors emerged from the Making Star Wars website that has been focused on information about this star war, from movies to games. Claiming to get information from insiders, this site gives some “leaks” about what we can anticipate from Star Wars: Battlefront. True or false? Unfortunately, neither EA nor DICE itself has yet to provide any confirmation. But so far, this information is the only material you can enjoy right now. Anything?

Story in Mobile legends will contain the entire existing saga.
You will play the protagonist (Old Republic, Rebellion, Republic) and antagonist (Separatists and Empire) here.
There will be little content from the prequel trilogy involving you. You will reportedly play a part in the battlefield of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the space battle over the Corsucant (opening Revenge of the Sith).
The portion of the campaign mode will largely revolve around the original series trilogy (IV, V, VI). All predictable battles and settings will emerge, with countless long gameplay time for an FPS game.
There will be a small segment between Mobile legends and the latest film – The Force Awakens. But the content is limited, because Lucasfilm reportedly will exploit the timeline further through the film in the future.
Campaign mode will end up being the opening scene for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
This game will be released one month before the movie The Force Awakens slid
You will play one of the characters that will appear in the latest film series.
EA and DICE are allowed by Pinewood Studios to enter the set for days to create digital versions of various sets and props.
A character with the final name “Tarkin” will appear in the game version. Who is he? Still mysterious.
Multiplayer mode offers 32 or 32 players.
Some multiplayer modes are mentioned allowing you to battle from outer space to the surface of the planet, and vice versa.
The “Hero” system is still present. Gathering points in a certain amount in the game, you will be able to buy Hero characters and use them. This Hero character will appear much more powerful with abilities that will not be possessed by ordinary characters. DICE designs this system by ensuring that any player will have the chance to at least use Hero once for every match.
EA reportedly had planned 5 pieces of DLC, each containing three folders, a Hero character, and a new vehicle.
Some of these DLCs will focus on the side of the Mobile legends vip generator .

How true are all the rumors mentioned above? Nothing can be ascertained, even until this news is written. EA and DICE seem to be holding back until it’s really ready to introduce Star Wars: Battlefront to the public. But if all the rumors end up right? That would be epic!

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