First sighting of Disgaea 5 for PS 4

The press conference event hosted by Sony to welcome the 2014 Tokyo Game Show live counting the week does prove one thing, that they are ready to compete all-out in their own “home”. No kidding, the latest games are introduced, with a focus on popularizing the acclaimed Playstation 4, not showing such sefantastic sales performance in the Western region. Names like Bloodborne, Yakuza: Zero, Dragon Quest: Heroes, until Persona 5 surfaced. One game that is not less interesting, mainstay strategy game Playstation 3 – Disgaea also decided to move in the latest series and get dokkan battle dragon stone hack .

True, Nippon Ichi Software finally officially confirmed the existence of Disgaea 5 which will be launched for Playstation 4. As one of the complex strategy games with unique appeal, Disgaea 5 will bring the story and some new mechanical gameplay adaptations. You will play Kiria – a demon who seeks revenge against the Void Dark – the main antagonist. Interesting again? Unlike the previous Disgaea series containing only one Netherworld as a setting, Disgaea 5 will present some Netherworld essential for gameplay and existing stories. More user-interface changes that are more convenient and load the information required by gamers will also be included.

The main question is of course one. With a release that will certainly move exclusively for the Playstation 4, which incidentally carry a much stronger specification than previous generations, such as whether the visual appearance of dragon ball z dokkan battle  ? Some of the first screenshots are finally released, showing a two dimensional visual presentation that seems difficult to separate from this franchise. Unfortunately, you expect a significant visual jump seems to have to bite your fingers. The first released screenshot does not explain enough reasons why it should be released for the latest generation Sony platform.

Disgaea 5 is scheduled to be released in the upcoming 2015 spring in Japan. There is no confirmation whether it will be ported outside the region and get the translation process or not. That visuals just looks so underwhelming ..

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