City Mania Review

Fans of urban development are always looking for this game to scratch the itch left behind by SimCity 2000, is not it? I know me. No game has competed with its wonder. While City Mania does its best and is excellent for free city builders, hardcore lead genres will continue to watch. This is for this new sub-genre of city-building games, but still not the Holy Grail.

The concept is clear: You’re trying to build the largest city we’ve ever seen. It is entirely associated with Madden Mobile hack, but with some specific adjustments. You will put a lot of buildings, while those that line the road and generally try to keep people happy. This is not a completely outdated city game building, which means you have to consider certain requirements. For example, nobody wants to live in a house next to the factory and this is reflected here.

Your people’s happiness level is the main concern. This is why the establishment of parks and facilities quickly became an important part of Mania City. New forms of development will also be opened, allowing you to focus on things like entertainment, education and commerce. Optionally, you can decorate your city with famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or the Space Needle. It is a neat touch to add some charm to the experience.

Another charm comes from Bizzies. This is a cartoon like character that operates in some of the buildings you place. You can not have a fire station without someone working there, right? It is a charming touch somewhat on a familiar concept, and can make a vital difference because every Bizzie is different. This is a good way to gain experience and resources.

This resource is certainly important, because Mania City is still occupied. Simply building a house involves going to the factory to make wood or steel before dragging pieces at home. Such attractive movements are also applicable when it comes to placing a path – a key component of any infrastructure – and this is where problems arise. This game is more picky about your street position. You can put the path right next to the structure, but it still will not be listed. You will learn the eccentric Madden Mobile hack, but this is not the ideal solution.

Similarly, you will still hit some obstacles along the way, as the City of Mania obsession to take you to plot the last tile thing. This is another thing that requires your patience to understand things, which means it’s not the friendly enough experience that we want.

And of course, you’ll end up feeling hampered by the firewall almost. City Mania is a free game for heart, and while you can ignore some of the timers, there is still a lot of delayed and new content. Is it worth staying? Type. The City of Mania gives you more freedom from most of the city building games, but not as much as the Madden Mobile hack  fans desire.

So almost a blow to City Mania. The game will definitely scratch that itch for a while. Enjoy making your way into new refined buildings, including choices for skyscrapers, but will never be as rewarding as the greatest games beyond mobile games as it always seems to live in the shadows.

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