Nothing good comes easy, or at least seems to be the principle behind BAIKOH by independent studio Mum Not Proud. This magical word game available now for iOS and Android devices makes most of Unity’s game development platforms, prominent in the pitch landscape getting cluttered with a minimalist and frenetic game-playing game. BAIKOH sneaks on you before you are metaphorically struck on the head with dinosaurs frying, and it is a contradiction that you have been constantly pointing out in the best way.

There are two game modes in GTA 5 – solo and Zen. Solo is really where the action is when Zen serves double duty as a place to practice your word search skills and a sanctuary for the weak heart that is not (or can not manage) the pressure of playing solo.

During the game, your task is to use the letters at the bottom of the screen to write words of any length or complexity. As you scramble for words, the letters will continue to descend from the top of the screen, creating a battery that eventually plays after they reach the top of the screen. It is not just the falling letters that annoy you. There’s a giant rock with a face that occupies a space of several letters, which really puts you in a less favorable position because you’re trying to cope and overcome.

If that’s not bad enough, there are also hidden letters. Some fall with black covers, others hide as you progress in the game. To find out what is below, you must choose the points of the letter to be charged a worthwhile fraction of the second after the letter begins to fall quickly. You will also need to watch your spelling. Five keywords and you’re done.

The game adjusts the difficulty based on your level to make the game more difficult, the better you get. It’s hard to believe that BAIKOH is not really more intuitive than that, increasing from game to game, the better you get. Of course it seems that a big jump of difficulty between games (score exceeds 675) and the following GTA 5 games (scores close to 250 to 300).

GOOD is not just pain and no help. This game allows you to use the badge, if chosen wisely, significantly can greatly lengthen your game chompant the largest stack of letters in play or remove all the pitfalls of the moment. The badges, as in most free games, cost the currency in the game, but if you play well enough, you must collect enough money to use at least one badge up front.

If you do not “harm” BAIKOH also offers you a revive per game, which allows you to return with a table similar to what you have given us at the beginning. This is basically a second life and this is an opportunity that should not be ignored. There are also ads at the end of the game, but given the duration of the game, it does not seem excessive and, above all, they do not interfere with GTA 5 hacks gameplay.

BAIKOH speed is actually one of the most challenging word games in 2017. This is reason enough to check it. However, when combined with the quality of games and star performance on various devices, it would be fair to call it a title you can not miss. There is no way for mom (and dad) this game developer who is not proud.

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